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Tuesday, Oct 10 2023

Invoicing System of prando business makes billing even easier and faster

More efficient invoicing system with prando business

The third quarter is coming to an end, and we are excited to introduce you to the latest innovations and features of our ERP solution, prando business.

In recent months, we have intensively focused on the areas of invoice generation and delivery. prando business already includes an extremely efficient invoicing system.

Some features you already benefit from include:

Centralized Database:  You have access to all relevant company data, including customer information, product data, price lists, and inventory levels. This allows for quick and easy access to all the information you need.

Automation:  Invoice generation happens automatically, regardless of whether it is tied to an order.

Consistency: Since all data is centralized in the prando business ERP solution, invoice consistency is ensured. This means that all invoices have the same information and appearance, enhancing your company's professional image.

Customizability: Customize invoice templates to meet your specific business requirements. You can add your logo, set special payment terms, and make other adjustments to ensure your invoices align with your needs.

Tracking and Monitoring: You can track the status of invoices and their associated payments, making it easier to manage open invoices and keep an eye on your company's cash flow.

What new features are available to you, and what are the benefits?

Features in the invoicing system to help you save valuable time!

  • Automatic VAT Number Verification with VIES
Do you generate many invoices for EU businesses? Are you tired of manually verifying the validity of VAT identification numbers with VIES? prando business now handles this automatically for you. VAT numbers are system-verified during the invoice generation process.

  • QR Invoices Generated Quickly and Automatically (Switzerland)
QR codes now automatically appear on the last page of invoices during invoicing, eliminating the need for manual generation. Your customers will appreciate this fast and straightforward payment method.

  • Send Your Invoices via Email Directly from prando business
Now, with a single click, you can send invoices directly via email immediately after their creation. In the "Messaging/Mail" settings, you can define your email template (text, logo, footer, etc.). prando has already done the groundwork for you, providing text templates in four languages for each type of document you wish to send. Alternatively, create your own text and save it as a template.

Email template simplifies the sending of invoices

Send invoices with a single click

Benefits for You: Especially when handling a high volume of invoicing, automated, easy, and fast invoice generation and delivery are more important than ever. These new features will save you and your employees a significant amount of time, allowing you to invest it in your core business and become even more successful.

Improvements in Article Management and API Article Management

Article Management

  • Better Management of Article Categories
Thanks to the new view, your webshop's article categories are now even more organized. Subcategories are now neatly displayed, allowing you to quickly identify whether they are main or subcategories. Editing your webshop categories is made simple with the new bulk action feature, allowing you to remove multiple articles at once.

  • Assignment of Revenue and Expense Accounts
Assign your articles to revenue or expense accounts, simplifying your accounting processes.


  • Filtered Access to Articles
The new feed settings provide a filtered view of your list of articles. You decide which articles your partners and resellers have access to and which articles can be exported to their webshops via the interface.

  • Calculation of Inventory in Feeds
Maintain a complete overview of your inventory. Thanks to a new algorithm, inventory levels are calculated, taking into account quantities in stock, orders, and reservations. Your partners, resellers, and you will always know precisely what is in stock. Your webshop customers will always stay informed about the articles they wish to buy online from you.

Are you already using our ERP solution, prando business? We hope you enjoy these new features in the invoicing system and article management!

If you are not yet familiar with our prando business application, you can learn more via this link or contact us directly. We would be delighted to demonstrate our web application to you and offer you the opportunity to try it for free for one month.


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