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Monday, Nov 15 2021

prando applications - Update business

With the new prando business update you will have additions in the Purchasing and Sales sections. Thanks to these new features you'll be able to manage your business even better. Besides, several corrections have been made in the various modules.

New functions

  •  The status of the item is automatically adapted according to the quantity available in the warehouse. This function can be activated in the Settings of the Item section.

  •  Possibility of defining the stock per order which will then be set for each single position.
  •   The EAN code of the item can be included in the purchase document. (#368)

  •     Documents layout improved.

Sales / Orders

  •     The order list also shows the shipping address. (#360)
  •     Some changes were made in the Sales / Orders module
    • When status is set to "shipped", items cannot be edited. (#338)
    • When the status is set to "completed" no changes can be made that would change the final amount.
    • When an order is modified, the order date is no longer updated.(#330)
    •  Order shows history of changes made to the status.

Fixed errors

  •  Corrections of some functions in the items management.

  •  Language of purchase document now adapts to setting. (367#)
  •   Item color and size are now shown correctly. (365#)

  •  Correction in sales display.

  • Translation corrections were made.
  • Changes to the total with VAT updates the price to the unit of the position.

(*) Available only in the prando business Complete subscription.


prando applications - Update business

Monday, November 1 update: Working on new module, enhancements and bug fixes.

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