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IT Leaders are Choosing Open

What is helping organizations recover and revive after this challenging period of major changes?

  • Non-stop IT and infrastructure has become more important than ever.
  • Simplifying how business is run remains the most important pillar, followed by modernization and accelerating change.
prando cloud solutions helps you achieve these goals through the use of Linux in your infrastructure. With more than 20 years of sector experience and as a SUSE© partner, your business can be ready to meet any challenge.

Contact us to find out how we can empower your innovation through open source technology.

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We help you realize your private or hybrid cloud using SUSE Linux. If you are considering moving your infrastructure to the public cloud, we can help you find the best cloud provider for your needs.

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Useful, simple and without needing a own infrastructure. These are the web applications made by prando.

prando business
Your business, simply managed


prando cowork
The smart way to work together



Professional hosting of complete systems, individual services or single applications. Each installation is made specifically for the need of each customer. In collaborations with our partners we can guarantee a high level of security, performance and bandwidth. All servers within the European Union.

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Satisfied customers

  Since we are using the application prando business, our work processes have been greatly optimized. Are you looking for a simple web application that is adaptable to your needs? prando business is exactly what you need!  
  When it comes to questions and doubts in Linux matters, we can always fall back on prando cloud solutions 20 years of experience. Competent and professional consulting and customized solutions is what we have always received.  
  Quick response and analysis of the problem, professional and qualitative solutions, Swissness - this is what we appreciate about prando cloud solutions.  
  Thanks to prando cloud solutions consulting and know-how, we were able to optimize our server structures and consequently offer our customers even better services.  
  Thanks to prando's services and web application, we can easily manage our company. A solution that covers our needs completely and suits us 100%.  


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