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Q2 Highlights: Innovative APIs for prando business

Learn how new interfaces enable communication between prando business and HCI Solutions as well as Bexio, and what benefits this brings to you.

Q1 Highlights: Latest Innovations in ERP Software and ERP Integration

Discover the latest highlights in our Q1 newsletter! Learn more about our exciting new project with MedicaSI AG, the latest features, and the flexibility and adaptability of our prando business solution, inspired by collaboration with our customers.

SEO for E-commerce: Boost Your Reach and Presence in 2024

Our goal in Q4 is to further elevate your e-commerce in search engine results. Explore how the new features of prando business include SEO tools, enhancing your SEO strategy for even greater success.

Invoicing System of prando business makes billing even easier and faster

In Q3, we have focused on invoice generation to make it even faster and easier for you. Discover the new features of prando business and the benefits they bring to you.

Succesfully Creating Online Store: Discover the Winning Factors!

What factors should you consider in e-commerce creation? Find out in the following article.

Sustainability in IT: An Urgency in the Time of Climate Change

The current climate crisis compels us to integrate sustainability into our entrepreneurial daily life. Are you an entrepreneur seeking ways to do this? Don't miss our latest article, where you can learn how sustainability can be implemented and promoted in small and medium-sized enterprises.

The Matterhorn: A symbol of challenge and overcoming

Find out how the Matterhorn inspires us and what values drive us.

How to choose a Cloud Consulting Firm

In this article you will discover everything you need to know.

Maximize business efficiency with an ERP system

Discover what an ERP system is, its key features and the benefits it can bring to business management. Improve efficiency, optimize production planning, and reduce operational costs. Sign up for prando business and transform your business today!

prando applications - Update business November 2022

Check out business' new design and how it will benefit you!

prando applications - Update business October 2022

Improvement of order processing and administration of online store

prando applications - Update business August 2022

Keep cool thanks to refreshing new features for your online store and much more

prando applications - Update business July 2022

Creating invoices - now flexible and easier than ever!

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Ready for Open Banking, ready for the future, with prando and Nordigen

prando buisness turns 3!

Thanks to all our customers and those who believed in us.

prando applications - Update business June 2022

3 new features to save your time

prando applications - Update business May 2022

Improvements of delivery and item section

prando News

Let's take advantage of the World Backup Day to talk about what guarantees a secure data storage. Learn about the three key elements on which our storage services are based.

prando applications - Update business March 2022

Find out more about new features and implementations to external systems

prando applications - Update business

Wednesday, December 8 update: Improved Settings section

Thank you for trusting us

We deeply appreciate collaborating with all of you! Find out about the interesting developments planned for 2022!

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Expand your possibilities by using our applications

The safest password is the one you don't know

On Data Privacy Day learn more about how prando business stores sensitive data.

prando applications - Update business

Monday, November 15 update: New additions in the Purchasing and Sales sections and bug fixes in several modules.

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Collaboration with Mint Lama