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Wednesday, Mar 27 2024

Q1 Highlights: Latest Innovations in ERP Software and ERP Integration

We are delighted to present to you our latest highlights and focal points of our web application, prando business, in our Q1 newsletter.

ERP Integration for MedicaSI

We are proud to announce a new project with MedicaSI AG, a provider of high-quality healthcare products for healthcare institutions and end customers. As part of this project, we are setting up two webshops and integrating our ERP software, prando business, for MedicaSI AG. For the implementation of this project, we have the support of our partner Euronix Sistemas. We appreciate the valuable and excellent collaboration and the trust shown by MedicaSI AG.

Latest Features of prando business

In the first quarter, our focus was on developing the following features:


The integration of this interface enables direct management of deliveries via DHL. It provides mediation of delivery information and tracking of shipments through the tracking number. Managing and processing orders and their delivery has never been easier and more straightforward.

Expansion of the Google Merchant Plug-In

The Google Merchant Plug-In has been optimized to offer the products of an online shop in multiple countries.

Flexibility and Adaptability: A Must for Every ERP Software

ERP softwares must be flexible and adaptable to meet the constantly changing demands of business life. The continuous development of these applications provides companies with a clear advantage as they can ensure that their solution is always up to date and effectively responds to changing requirements.

prando business: Developed For and With the Customer

At prando cloud solutions, we firmly believe that the principle mentioned above is fundamental for an ERP system to become a powerful tool. The key factor is valuable collaboration with users. At this point, we would like to thank our customers MINT LAMA and Euronix Sistemas, who have not only entrusted us with the prando business application but also inspired us to new features time and again. We owe them the following valuable module extensions:

  • Inventory Module
  • Contract Module
  • Enhanced Warehouse Management Module

Try prando business for free for 30 days and find out if it meets your requirements. Or contact us for a non-binding initial consultation to learn more about our solutions.


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