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Tuesday, Nov 30 2021

prando applications - Update business

With this week's update, the workflow of orders in the purchase and sales section has been improved.

New functions

  •  It is now possible to make a partial delivery of the order.

  •  The various stages of an order can now be edited directly in the navigation bar located at the top of the order overview. When changing the status of an order (e.g. to "ready for shipment") a tab will pop up  and it will directly show the actions to be performed related to the chosen status.

Set order status.

  • You can set whether the order was paid, when it was paid, and how.

Set order as paid.

Fixed errors

  •     When copying orders, the Note on the article and the Note on the order are also transferred.(#337)
  •     The delivery address is replicated when copying the order. (#304)
  •     The contact is set correctly when copying an order. (#372)
  •     When copying the order now the withholding box is also transcribed. (#373)
  •     Changes to the status of an order are now reported and visible in the history. (#386)


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prando applications - Update business

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