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Monday, Sep 4 2023

prando applications - Update business August 2022

Do you own an online store? Does it happen that you discover an error or need to add something to an already created invoice? Is privacy and security important to you? If you answered "yes" to only one of these questions, you should not miss the features of the latest update of prando business.

New functions

  •  Do you want your online store to display not only the articles selected by the customer, but also articles that might be of additional interest to the customer? This is now possible thanks to a setting that you can find in the item under "More". There you can add a connection to other items for each product. You can choose among different connection categories such as: Similar, Accessory, Follow-up model, etc. Also, you can make a connection to variants of the item such as size and color. After that, synchronize prando business with your online store and a wider selection of products will open up to your customers, which will hopefully lead to more purchases and thus increase your sales.
  •  Thanks to a new function, you can show and hide the completed orders in the items. This gives you an even better and more complete overview.

Orders / Invoicing
  • You can easily regenerate an invoice for an order in case you discover an error or need to make a change. The already created invoice will be automatically overwritten by the new one.

  • Deliveries that have already been created can now be easily modified and adjusted afterwards. Adding/removing quantities can be done very easily.

  • Everything regarding your business should be just your business. That's why logging into prando business is even more secure thanks to Two Factor Authentication.

We wish you a nice summer, especially that you stay "cool" in these hot days.


prando applications - Update business July 2022

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