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Monday, Sep 4 2023

prando applications - Update business July 2022

Due to the latest update prando business extends its features in the section of items, orders and purchases. Find out what these new features include and what benefits they bring you.

New functions

  • You can now add video attachments and user-definable fields. This way you can keep relevant info about the item even better.

  • Does it happen that you have to issue several deliveries per order? From now on, you can specify multiple transportation costs per order and easily account for all costs associated with each delivery.

 Orders / Purchases
  • Is the request for an order or purchase that you have already created running through someone else? From now on, you can easily change the contact for orders and purchases that you have already created.

 Orders / Invoicing
  • Issuing invoices is getting easier than ever. Thanks to the new "Create partial invoices" feature you can now create interim, partial and final invoices for an order.

Creating invoices - now easier than ever


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