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Monday, Sep 4 2023

prando applications - Update business May 2022

Thanks to the latest update, you will be able to execute your deliveries even better and inform your customers about the current delivery stock. In addition, the creation of orders will be even easier and faster thanks to the improved article selection.

New functions

  •  Multiple delivery notes can now be created per order and multiple deliveries can be scheduled. From now on,  your customer will be informed about the exact delivery stock. (#418)

  •    Thanks to the color separation of the items in the items overview, you will now be able to find and select your articles faster. (#436)

clearly arranged item selection

Purchases / Sales
  •    Documents can now be added as attachments to sales/purchases . These are automatically indexed and can therefore be searched and found more easily (#414)

Future Features
  •  Managing multiple warehouses will no longer be a challenge. Thanks to a forthcoming feature, you will be able to manage stock transfers easily and in full overview.


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